ZingPay makes every transaction a joy, with instant payments that bring a smile to your face.

Challenge: ZingPay, a dynamic fintech startup, was poised to disrupt the mobile payments sector with its innovative peer-to-peer transaction platform. However, the company encountered challenges in scaling its technology to handle growing transaction volumes and in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of international financial markets.

Solution: Axel Capital recognized ZingPay's potential to redefine digital transactions and provided both the financial backing and strategic mentorship needed to overcome these hurdles. Axel facilitated access to top-tier tech talent to enhance ZingPay's platform scalability and introduced ZingPay to a network of regulatory experts to ensure compliance across different jurisdictions. Additionally, Axel's marketing specialists helped ZingPay refine its brand messaging to appeal to a global audience.

Outcome: With Axel Capital's support, ZingPay successfully upgraded its transaction platform to handle a tenfold increase in daily transactions, ensuring smooth, secure payments for users worldwide. The startup also launched successfully in four new international markets, each with full regulatory compliance. ZingPay's user base grew by 400% within the first year of partnership with Axel, and its innovative approach to mobile payments attracted significant media attention, further boosting its growth. The strategic partnership with Axel Capital was pivotal in transforming ZingPay from a promising startup into a key player in the global fintech ecosystem.

London, UK
Type of Business
Mobile Payment Solutions
IPO Status
Raj Patel
Last funding type
Series B
Number of employees
Total invested
$10 million
Year of investment